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My name is Hendro Raharjo or I am often called Rosyid.
I am a guide and a hard worker to do any job, especially anything related to nature.

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I grew up in Bukit Lawang and I went to school in Binjai, about 60 km from Bukit Lawang. Before I became a guide, I already liked nature, every school holiday I went to the forest. to study nature, see unique and wild animals.
After finishing school I studied to be a guide in the forest until now.
I really like the forest because in the forest there are many unique and rare animals and I can listen to the sounds of the animals which soothe my heart. Bukit Lawang is the correct name for a tourist attraction in Bahorok sub-district, Langkat district, North Sumatra province which is located about 80 km from the city of Medan. Bukit Lawang is where you can see orangutans. It is very rare to live in the wild which is located in Mount Leuser National Park.
Apart from orangutans which are rare in the world. Apart from that there are other animals such as the Kedih (Thomas leaf monkey) which is endemic to the Sumatran forest. There are also silver monkeys, long-tailed monkeys, pigtail monkeys, white gibon, black gibon, Sumatran tiger, Sumatran elephant, rhino, bear and many other rare and unique animals.
On Bukit Lawang there are also Honbil or Tukan birds, Sumatran peacocks and many more.
On Bukit Lawang there are also The replesia armoldi flower is a rare plant in the world.
In Bukit Lawang we can also play in the Bukit Lawang river where the water is clean and of course fresh, waterfalls and white water rafting with tires tied to one another as boats.
In Bukit Lawang there is also a bat cave, we can go into it, there are thousands of bats in the cave.
In Bukit Lawang we can also see the villagers making brown sugar with their hands, tofu, tempeh, roofs made from leaves, walls made from bamboo and the beauty of the rice plants.
To see dreams come true we can work together.
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Hendro Raharjo (Rosyid)


You also contact me on WhatsApp
+62 853 595 15544

+62 853 595 15544

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