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If you like to cycle, we can organise Mountain Bikes for you, and do day tours around Bukit Lawang.
Like riding to Bohorok, or to a beautiful place at the Landak River, for swimming and relaxing. 

Where to go

The ride to Bohorok is about 10 km one way.
Along the road we experience the real life of the people of Sumatra.
We stop for a rest, to enjoy the juice of fresh coconuts, and have a look over the river.
In Bohork you find a variety of shops and restaurants, as well on the way back to Bukit Lavang, there are Padang style restaurants, or if you like fish, there are places to get fresh fish.

As we cycle to Bohorok and back we can stop according your interests and wishes.
Back at Bukit Lawang, we enjoy a swim in the Bohork river, to get rid of the dirt on the road.
Landak River


a day at the Landak River







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