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Orangutan Trek has over 10+ years experience in trekking in the stunning Leuser Ecosystem in Sumatra. We are licensed in everything from a day tour to 7 day treks with individuals and groups. Our passion for the endangered orangutans and Leuser Ecosystem will show in our tours!  

Packages and Prices

National Park Entry Fees

New National Park entrance fees were introduced across Indonesia in 2014 and from 2017 these fees have been enforced.


The fee for Gunung Leuser National Park is included in the package price.

This fee is for entering the national park, and goes directly to the national park authorities, not to the guide or trekking company.

Trekking Packages - All prices Euros (€)

Minimum 2 persons per activity

3hrs 1/2 Day Trek - €55 per person

1 day Trek - €70 per person

Both provide and introduction to the flora, orang-utans and fauna of the Leuser National Park. The trek includes Food and Water.

2 Day Trek - €120 per person

3 Day Trek - €170 per person

Go deeper into the Leuser National Park and truly experience life in the jungle by camping for 1 or 2 nights. This trek includes food, water and basic camping equipment if required.

4 Day Trek - €250 per person

5 Day Trek - €320 per person

All prices for minimum of 2 persons

Make the most out of your jungle experience and go deeper into the National Park to experience all jungle has to offer in Fauna and Flora.

Each trek except the 1/2 day, has the option of ending with downstream rafting experience on the Bohorok River. This makes a great way to finish your trek but requires someone to take the rafts upstream. Rafting is an additional €10.

Safety is paramount and working with people from all different hiking levels is something that we take seriously. Come meet us in Bukit Lawang and join us on an adventure of a lifetime!

We can tailor a trek to suit all needs including additional treks to local sites such as the Bat Cave, or cycling in the surroundings, to visit rice paddies and go swimming at Landak River.

Please contact Orangutan Trek for customised tours and needs.

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